David Ford

David Ford was born in La Jolla, California on October 30 1925.

David was the second actor to essay the role of Sam Evans on Dark Shadows, taking over from Mark Allen shortly after the show began. In 1967, David married his Dark Shadows co-star Nancy Barrett (Carolyn Stoddard), with whom he performed regional theatre, but the couple divorced two years later.

In addition to Dark Shadows, David's other daytime drama credits included Edge of Night, Love of Life and Search For Tomorrow. David also performed numerous commercial voice-overs for products such as Frito Lay, Dash, Hai Karate, Arid, Subaro and Time-Life. His other small screen credits included a primetime guest appearance on Adam's Rib.

David's career was primarily as a stage actor, and his theatrical credits included The Durango Flash, The Championship Season, The Tea Party, A Chekov Sketchbook, The Witch, Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, The White Rose and the Red, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, A Chekhov Sketchbook, The Vagrant, The Sign of Jonah, Marcus in High Grass, A Journey with Strangers, Mary Stuart, Billy Budd, Twelfth Night, Hedda Gabler, Major Barbara, Tartuffe and The Physicists.

He also stood under the spotlights of the Broadway stage in 1776 (alongside Dark Shadows actress Virginia Vestoff), A Man for All Seasons, The Physicists, In the Middle of the Night and A Majority of One.

David appeared on the big screen in Loving and also reprised his stage role of John Hancock for the big screen adaptation of 1776.

On August 7, 1983, David Ford died of a heart attack in New York City.


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